Lush Buffy Body Butter

This week I finally finished watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I had always been a fan but had never seen all the episodes and made it my goal over a year ago to go through all seven seasons whilst also watching Angel, as needed, in between (always set your goals high, kids). And last week I was in Lush for the first time in ages - after months of forcing myself to try other bands and such - and just felt strongly compelled to buy the Buffy Body Butter. I didn't really care about the smell, what it did or how much it was, I just knew I wanted to buy it. Because of its name.

(I've also seen it be called Buffy the Backside Slayer on American sites hahahahaha)

The product itself is a solid body butter which is used in the shower. It also has very small exfoliators that I didn't realise were there until I started using it. The main ingredients are lavender oil, cocoa butter and shea butter so it super moisturising but also has a chocolatey smell to it. It had a very similar effect to baby oil whilst in the shower in the way that the water would almost sit on my skin (or the same affect when running water over an oily pan) and my skin almost had a layer of protection over it. My skin is super soft after using this but unfortunately that somewhat chocolatey smell put me off as I'm more a light floral gal and whilst one of the best things about using a Lush product is the after-smell in the bathroom I just can't quite say this ticks that box for me.

Pros: skin really really soft, shares a name with one the greatest tv shows ever known

Cons: makes my shower smell of chocolate.

Willow was my fav anyway.

Morag x

Vegan Fete @ The Flying Duck

Saturday afternoon I took a small stroll up to The Flying Duck on Renfield Street for their Vegan Fete. I had seen posters for this the few times I have been in The Flying Duck but hadn't looked into it until Karris advertised her attendance through her Vegan Kind Facebook Page.

I've been The Flying Duck a few times, but mainly to the club at night which meat-eating friends are more inclined to attend (and you get free toast at the end of the night). I hadn't really had much chance to try their food or attend any events. I already knew The Vegan Kind would be there but I also got to sample some treats from Missy's Vegan Cupcakes, an Easter egg from Considerit Chocolates and some sushi created by The Flying Duck itself. And I stopped by the Vegan Society for Glasgow and Edinburgh and was educated a bit more on what commonly found brands are vegan (even those that aren't intentionally so) and also picked up some leaflets for their restaurant trips.

I also decided to grab a quick bite to eat in the café itself - the restaurant does have a 'okay to eat here yourself vibe'. The menu is definitely on the 'bar food' side (not somewhere to take someone if you're looking for a slap-up meal somewhere) but is all cheaply priced especially given that it's a niché place. Though they do use quite a few substitutes rather than foods that are naturally vegan - annoying if you're trying to navigate veganism with a soya intolerance.

Me and Karris were having a chat about veganism and how great it is that it's gaining mainstream acceptance just like vegetarianism, and how the past year alone has been a great year for vegans. I also loved how many different types of people were there, and how many of them didn't fit a hipster or hippie stereotype.

The Vegan Fete was a one day thing but apparently the last few have went well and they're looking to increase the regularity of them. Keep an eye on The Flying Duck Facebook page in order to hear about forthcoming dates.

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Morag x

Gig Audit: Fall Out Boy/Pretty Reckless

It feels like a lifetime ago I went to see Fall Out Boy at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow (even though it was more accurately three weeks ago). Whilst I'm having to physically restrain myself not to jump Backstreet Boys/All Saints to the top of my Gig Audit to-do list, I'll give FOB the credit they deserve (and they do deserve it)

I literally found out I was going to see them only five hours beforehand - someone I only somewhat know through the gig/club scene posted on Facebook that they had managed to nab themselves some standing tickets and were handing out their original seating tickets for free (I didn't even realise I'd be getting star struck by Little J from Gossip Girl until she came on stage).

Getting seating tickets did mean I wasn't really 'in' the gig. Like, I was there but it's a completely different atmosphere to standing near the front and being able to see these people you only had ever known from television and magazines but instead looking down on it all. (I'll be roughly in the same seats for Katy Perry, and I'm really tempted to buy a £80 odd ticket off someone - after that in May I'm always going standing)

But from up above I can still tell you that they can sing, they spin around on stage like they do in their videos, they played songs from 2005 with ridiculously long names (A little less sixteen candles a little more touch me is a personal favourite) and they had us all use the torch on our phones.

They also let out some massive black balloons. I'm not really sure why, but it was awesome, in a weird kind of way.

And they did an acoustic set for Sophmore Slump or Comeback of the Year and Grand Theft Autumn. And I fan girled. A lot.

And then I went to the Catty got half price entry with my ticket, and got so drunk I danced up against a wall.

Morag x

P.S. Taylor Momsen dances weird.


Some new additions to château de mo

In my goals for 2014 post I mentioned that I wanted to initiate more of effort to make my flat (of a year and half) a bit more 'homely' and not just run out to buy more home wares every time I knew their would be a soirée soon. I've been buying a few bits and bobs this past months (thanks to Glasgow city council only charging council tax 10 months of a year) and thought I share a few of my new finds. 

Letterpress and dog cushion style cushion

Dog cushion: Style Furniture via TKMaxx

I love Scrabble memorabilia whether it's mugs, rings or bed covers. I had been eyeing up these Scrabble cushions on (where I eye up just about everything) for ages and only just got round to buying them. The dog cushion is from Style Furnishings via TKMaxx - I do love it individually as a cushion but it just doesn't look quite right in the living room so I might chuck it in the spare room for a guest or flog it on eBay. 

out there interiors deer head

Wooden dear head: Out There Interiors *

A couple of weeks ago Out There Interiors got in contact to ask if I wanted something from their range sent to me. They stock plenty of bizarre and quirky pieces and naturally I went for one of the oddest - a wooden deer head. I'm still moving this about my bedroom to find the correct place - was originally going to be on one side of the wall my headboard is against to even out the cuckoo clock I bought last year but I prefer the contrast of the white wall beside my window (the rest of my room is a dark purple). Still, I love this and laugh every time I see its wee face.

ikea and letterpress table stuff

E serving dish: Letterpress, Everything Else:  IKEA 

Out of my Glasgow pals, my flat is the most appropriate for get-togethers. Bundle that up with the fact that I'm now approaching my mid-twenties, I decided it was high time I did a grown up thing and invest in some proper serving plates and glassware for when guest are over (and not expect them to eat off of paper plates and drink vodka out of mugs). I still went for pink bowls and polka dot trays so I'm not an old lady quite yet. 

And if you're wondering why I selected an 'E' - there's an event in May I'm already making preparations for. #alwayshaveaeurovisionparty

naturally tkmaxx perfume

Naturally via TKMaxx (can't find company website)

This is a small trinket I managed to pick up the homeware dream that is TKMaxx. It's a just a small girly cage filled with pot pourri - but it is a very lovely smelling and high quality pot pourri at that! It sits on the table just inside our hallway and creates a really nice ambience when people walk in or when we've had a long day at work. 

Next up on flat decoration: I've ordered the baskets for my balcony garden (finally) which is the last piece of equipment I needed to get started on growing my own little urban vegetable patch.  

Morag x

The Linkables

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I've spent far too much time today watching Darren Hayes judge Australian Idol.

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Morag x